Saturday, 21 January 2012

Day 21 No luck at Leonardo

Just like last Saturday I tired to gain to Leonardo Da Vinci show at the National Gallery.  We even stayed over in a cheap and nasty hotel in London to catch the first tube and line up at 6am.  It was looking really good the atmosphere was friendly and we were guaranteed tickets to the show.  The gallery opened up at 10am and the queue moved forward slowly.  At 12:30 we were told all day tickets had sold out!  Six and a half hours of waiting for nothing.  What has this to do with running, well it made me quite tired and meant I just did a minimum 4.5 km run when I got back in the evening.  Like crazy people we will try again tomorrow but this time we will drive to London.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Day 20 Pre-work morning run

A quick 30 minute run before work and before the rain.  Avoided the route I took last week to miss the school children.  6.5km + and quite a fast pace.  I won't be running again until tomorrow evening.  So it will almost feel like a day off.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Day 19 The Lunch time run

Today was the first time I have been for a decent run for a few days.  I have just done short runs recently because it was all I had time for.  This is part of the reason I failed Junathon due to the nature of my job I travel so much and work throughout the day sometimes it is difficult to go for a run.  Back in the office today I fit in a rice 6km lunch time run.  The constant running is taking its toll and I have to drive to Cambridge and back tomorrow and then off to London.  Will I manage to run on day 20?  Watch this blog.

Day 18 Post Rollins midnight run

Couldn't face running around the same hotel block in Birmingham (plus the bed was nice).  So didn't get to run during the day. This evening I wasn't returning home as I was seeing my all time hero Henry Rollins in Oxford.  I also met him after the show and he was really cool.  The video above is from a show in Cork last year but he told the same story last night.  This meant I arrived home at 11.50pm video, I hadn't seen my wife for three days but I threw on my running shoes and went for a quick 10 minute run around Wantage.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Day 17 Short Birmingham Run

I found it very hard to complete today's run and came the closest to dropping out of Janathon yet.  Spent the day working all over Birmingham and went for a run around 8pm.  My hotel is in the China town / market area and like Janathon last year when I stayed here there is just nowhere to run.  In the end I went for a 13 minute run around the hotel block a few times.  Will try and work out a better course for tomorrow morning.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Day 16 Frosty morning run

Today I had appointments all over the midlands and knew by the time I got to my hotel in Birmingham I would be too tired for a run so I went for an early morning run.  Frost was still everywhere from the night before and the sunrise was a beautiful one.  One thing I hadn't counted on was running against the tide of school children and if I go running at this time again I will pick a different course.  Just over 10km in total.  On On!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Day 15 Half way and long(ish) run

Despite the recent drop in temperature it is still a pleasure to run along the The Ridgeway.  It was a clear blue morning with frost on the ground where the sun had not yet reached.  I didn't run the same distance as last Sunday.  My shins and heels are feeling the ache and pain of running everyday.  Just like last year I am wondering how far I can take this Janathon thing.  Run everyday in the year!  That maybe a bit much but what I may do is continue running every day in February until I get fed up with it.  Still we are only half way through January so I should concentrate on that first.  Picture is of the White Horse which is on the Ridgeway.  A run out here from home is about a 20 mile round trip.  Maybe I will go out this far before Janathon is over.